blues scale

blues camp this week–

Tomorrow we add mini blue m&m’s to make blues C-scale No. 1!


Here is my new cocktail I invented.

The recipe:
1 cup Birthday Cake ice cream
Some whisky

I call it the Hallelujah.

Here is my new cocktail I invented.


Now, Texas, before you hate my poem...

…check out this great book I’m reading!

Now, Texas, before you hate my poem…


Technology Made My Point For Me.

In mid-sentence, technology reared its prankster head! It won’t be the last time, I’m sure.
But as I was saying, the San Francisco Bay Fogchaser coffee pods summoned me from the shelf at Menards–and–what the hell, here’s the poem:

Fog Chaser

It’s the careful naming of a coffee blend
the kind that comes in pods
Which suddenly haloed San Francisco
In rapturous appeal
A romantic shroud of fog
and Texas all at once unbearable
stifling heat 85• New Year’s Eve no need for tea like the English
no need of care
Nor of fog-chasing
Good morning San Francisco
My but the fog creeps over the bay in a chilly and sinister hover
My how the bay monster twists her head
I believe I’ll brew a single cup of fog-chasing joe in my fantasy coffee-pod machine
Sixty bucks on sale at Menards and that still too steep for the sad taut family budget
Bless your soul inclimate and damp
a champion of the hot beverage
Unlike you
Frisco Texas
snooty hot and fogless.

I'm obsessed with this stuff.

I made a bookmark out of the Fogchaser coffee pod top. We don’t have a pod-type coffeemaker but I bought these pods anyway and pour them into the filter + drip funnel arrangement ’cause I’m so lo-fi (read: scared of techn

I’m obsessed with this stuff.